Expanding Global Awareness of Phenylketonuria


National PKU Food Bank

The NPFB is The first ever national PKU food bank which provides low protein foods and formulas for struggling PKU patients. We do not require you to provide any personal confidential financial information, as we understand that any PKU family or patient regardless of monetary means needs a little hand up once in a while. We do ask that you understand the following:

  • ​NPFB is a temporary tool to help PKU Global locate a more long-term solution for your current situation.

  • The items provided by PKU Global through the NPFB have not been purchased through monetary donations from BioMarin, but from generous donations from other PKU families and friends either through funds or tangible supplies

  • Unfortunately our supplies do run low and run out from time to time, please understand it is not that we don't want to help, but it may mean at the moment we lack the ability. 

Do you need assistance?

PKU Global Initiative

send us an email.

Explain what type of aid you or

your loved one currently are in of.

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